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Tempat ini adalah merupakan Pusat Pentadbiran Syahbandar Pulai It is one of the significant limestone outcrops in Kedah beside Kodiang and Gunung Keriang. The highest peak being Gunung Pulai m on the southern end of the ridge. The trail to Gunung Pulai is still undeveloped.

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  5. Bauhinia Kockiana has dark green leaves and bright striking orange flowers.

The hill can helminthostachys zeylanica popularized as a rock climbing destination. Baling Helminthostachys zeylanica m is the peak at the northern ridge.

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The hill is famous for its spectacular view of the historical Baling town and the mountains beyond. They named the village as Ban-Lin. Thai language for village is Ban. While Lin is for monkeys.

Eventually, the name became Baling. At present there is no restriction on entering the area.

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Pockets of valley within the limestone-quartz hills have valuable timber trees and herbs. Signboards should be placed at strategic places by Forestry Department against pilfering of flora and fauna.

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However, the difficult terrain has prevented unnecessary over exploitation until now. Flora: Some plant species like Cycas clivicola was over harvested by plant-pilferers. The hill is home to many herbs and plants species.

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Among them are a species of bamboo Dendrocalamus dumosuswild torch ginger, tunjuk langit Helminthostachys zeylanicaBat Lily Tacca Integrifoliawild serai wangi Cymbopogon calcicolarare aroid Arisaema fimbriatuma huge collection of fern aszcariasis fertőzés mechanizmusa and other herbal plants.

An in-depth scientific study should reveal interesting findings.

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Already crystal hunters had damaged many outcrops on the hill. With its outstanding geological feature, a horseshoe-shaped ridge with a limestone amphitheatre Lee Siew Helminthostachys zeylanica,Baling Hills outcrops should be gazetted a national monument to prevent further damages and be promoted as ecotourism park.

These include bamboo shoots been helminthostachys zeylanica bears? Semoga ianya dapat membantu sahabat-sahabat helminthostachys zeylanica yg terpinggir dan teraniaya di perkampungan sekitar Gunung Pulai dan Gunung Baling, Kedah.

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